English trip : day 3, cultural !

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Today we visited two really impressive museums. First, we had two hours to discover the Natural History Museum which was extremely fascinating. We saw stuffed animals, fossils, dinosaurs and we learnt about the history of evolution. We read about volcanos and took a lot of pictures. We had to take up a challenge : posing for the most original photo. We had a lot of fun and many photos had a lot of success !
It was very interesting and time flew very fast. In the afternoon, we walked on the Millenium bridge to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral which was built by Sir Christopher Wren.
We went up the New Change One rooftop to admire the view over London. It was spectacular. We walked to the Tower of London and to the final two spots : the Leadenhall Market and Tower Bridge.

By Malo, Ulysse, Madeleine, Mohamed, Kays and Danielle.