English trip : day 1

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Today we gathered at 5:30.
We met our friends and
we left Malakoff at 6.00. We drove to Calais for 2 hours and we had a break. We could buy some food and drinks. When we arrived in Calais, we went through the customs without any problem. The crossing was pretty, we ate and played cards and video games together. The sea was calm but some of us felt a bit dizzy ; so we went outside to get fresh air and teachers took pictures of us on the deck. The view on the cliff was incredible. We enjoyed it very much.
We first visited the city of Canterbury and the guide told us historical facts about the city. We also had free time for shopping. At 16:30 we had to meet in front of the cathedral. Next, we took the coach again in order to meet our host families in Redhill.
The first day was great and Canterbury is a very beautiful place.
By Benjamin, Camille and Akram