English trip : day 2

Day 2 : Incredible !

After our first night with our host family, we took the coach to visit Harrow School. It is a Public school for boys created in 1625 by John Lyons. It is very prestigeous. Winston Churchill and Isaac Newton were students there. Like in Harry Potter, there are twelve houses. We saw a lot of students wearing their uniforms : grey trousers, a white shirt, a black tie, a straw hat and a blue blazer.

We learnt that christian students attended the Sunday prayer while non-christians had religious education lessons and philosophical debates.
While we were eating our lunch in a garden, it suddently started raining. We were all drenched so we ran to the coach to finish our lunch there. After, on the way to Sainsbury’s (a big supermarket) to buy typical English food.

In the afternoon, we visited the Harry Porter Warner Bros studios. We saw the different places where the saga was shot, for example : the bank, the knight bus, Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs. We saw the Hogwart’s model and all the masks of the characters !!! Some people bought butterbeer and magic wands...

Tonight, we will meet our host families at 8pm.

By Maëlie, Léane, Lubin, Iluna, Smara, Anaïs, Maryam and Tahia.